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🧠"If information isn’t applied, we’ll forget about 75% of it after just six days."

German psychologist Hermann Ebbinghaus discovered the forgetting curve and highlighted the importance in active recall and applied learning.  

The lack of application is hindering the growth and transformation of many learners like yourself.  

While learners aspire to put the knowledge to use, more than 60% of them cited lack of guidance as one of the main reasons that stops them from applying what's learnt diligently.  

That's why we created this members network.

Introducing the HighSpark Members Network.

Learn. Practice. Share

By subscribing to our membership plan, you gain access to: 

🔶 Online courses with essential design tips and tricks to design effective presentations that would wow your stakeholders.

🔶 Monthly 1-hour Group Coaching that help you identify what you can improve on to move the needle.

🔶 Sharpen your design skills through practical exercises.

🔶 Exchange ideas and grow with fellow like-minded students.

🔶 Exclusive Design samples, templates, and diagrams, so you can design more compelling slides in lesser time.

Witness visible transformation in how you present your ideas


By subscribing to the complete members plan, you gain access to:

🔶 Online Courses


Led by our Master Trainer, Koh Kai Xin, a Forbes30U30 Honouree Asia 2020. You’ll learn all you need to prepare clear and compelling visual presentations from scratch with tutorials and exercises.

  • Visual Persuasion: Proven P.I.L.L framework to transform text vomit into clear and compelling visuals.
  • Data Visualisation: I.S.A process to visualise dry facts in a  meaningful and insightful way.
  • PowerPoint 101 Hacks: Lesser known features that can help you save time and captivate the audience. 
  • Zoom Presentation Hacks: Tips and tricks to use visuals & tools to engage a virtual audience.  
  • And more!

🔶 Monthly Group Coaching 

  • Receive feedback from our trainers 
  • Get your burning questions answered 
  • Learn from others

🔶 Replays of webinars, events 

A few times a year, our trainers will conduct fireside chats and be invited as guest speakers at webinars. Recorded sessions will be available to you to watch at anytime, anywhere. 


🔶 Practical Design Exercises to Gain Mastery

  • Practice with exercises ranging from basic to advanced level. 
  • Learn from sample answers to exercises
  • Explore different approach to visualising the same piece of content.
  • New exercises updated every month. 

🔶 Design Resources that save you time and make you look like a star.

  • A whole library of before and after visual examples for you to draw inspiration from.
  • PowerPoint Templates and diagrams 
  • Recommendations of icons and image libraries  
  • Visual exercises and sample answers 
  • Cheatsheets and eguides


🔶 Grow with other like-minded learners 

  • Connect with other members 
  • Share ideas - sharing is one of the best ways to learn
  • Receive feedback and ideas for your work 

❤️ Keep yourself Accountable for learning

How often have you told yourself that you'll pick up a skill or practice but didn't? You're not alone. 

Our membership plan is for ambitious yet time-starved professionals like you. 

  • With our bite-sized content, you can learn in short bursts (15 - 60 minutes).
  • Lean on other learners in the community to motivate you and to keep you accountable. 
  • Preparing for an important presentation? Get feedback from Trainers or the community to help you ace it! 

Still not sure?

Contact us our learning consultant:  [email protected]